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What is dance ?


Dance is an art form that serves to depict feelings and actions. People have been dancing since the beginning of time. As a conversation between body and soul, dance and music are among the oldest forms of human expression. Dancing promotes our motor and intellectual creativity, our ability to concentrate and our perception of space. It creates a healthy posture, good body awareness and strengthens self-esteem and one's own identity.

This gives us the opportunity to express our feelings, thereby releasing energy and producing a vital effect. We feel a sense of joie de vivre, freedom and growth: the body is loosened, our movements reflect what we are, the mind thoughtless and the soul unencumbered. When many people dance at the same time, the feeling of well-being is strengthened again, which also creates a sense of community. Regardless of nationality, skin color and religion, people are emotionally connected, communication is promoted, empathy strengthened. This in turn ensures a peaceful coexistence. Dancing changes and makes people bloom like a flower. (Ana Infanta)

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