Ana Infanta

Ana Cristina Muñoz Rodríguez Jones

Passionate dancer and dance teacher

Ana Cristina Muñoz Rodríguez Jones, Spaniard from Cáceres-Extremadura, was born in Frankfurt am Main. Although her parents moved from Spain to Germany in the 1970s, they continued to maintain their Spanish cultural heritage. As a child, Ana Cristina came into intensive contact with flamenco through her father, who dedicated himself to flamenco singing and dancing. At the age of eight, Cristina became interested in dance in general. In 1984 she started her dance career in classical ballet, in 1987 supplemented by jazz dance. In 2009 she successfully completed her extensive training as a dance teacher in modern and classical ballet (Waganova technique). At the same time, Cristina rediscovered her love for flamenco in the early 1990s. That is why she received training from renowned teachers such as Cristóbal Reyes, Juana Amaya, Manolo Marin, Alfonso Losa, Mercedes Ruiz, Jesus Aquilera, Maria Serrano and many more in Germany and Spain in this dance art. Today flamenco is Cristina's special strength. This varied dance training helped Cristina to develop her very own dance style. This enables her to give a very differentiated lesson and at the same time to create extraordinary choreography ideas. From her experience with performance groups, she places special emphasis on technique, attitude, rhythm and expression in her educational work and is also able to respond to each student with patience and understanding. The mixture of discipline and loving empathy enables Cristina to specifically promote her students. A lot of joy and enthusiasm comes from her, so that the self-confidence of the dancers is continuously increased. Cristina currently teaches ballet, flamenco, jazz dance, children's dance, floor barre and gives rhythm seminars. In addition, she choreographs for performance groups and leads workshops in various schools in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. In addition, there have been numerous appearances in recent years: in the International Theater, Brotfabrik, Gallustheater, Alte Oper, Wiesbaden Stats Theater, Community Center North Carolina-USA, Parade of Cultures, Galli Theater, SUQ Festival in Genova Italy, Museumsuferfest u. a. - on TV at NDR, Sat 1, Hessischer Rundfunk, RTL 2 

Performances at home and abroad with:



-Juan Aire

-Los Huertas

-Toni Baez

-Los Rumberos

-Art of Fusion

-Las Piranhas


TV appearances:

-RTL 2 (Documentation)

-Sat 1 (Interview)

-NDR Schaubude 

-Hessischer Rundfunk (Interview)

-Documentary about Art of Fusion

-Clickwork Orange (Shortfilm)

-Documentation and Report about A mi manera

-DRF Deutschland Fernsehen, Documentation extreme sports"Flamenco"

-Shortfilm- Danceproject with Marco de Ana and Karen Lugo

Rosa Requejo

Maria Rosa Requejo Garcia born in Frankfurt am Main, started dancing classical ballet at the age of 6. At 12 she discovered show dance for herself. At the KTC Bornheim she gained her first stage experience and took part in championships. She fell in love with flamenco at a young age. Over the years, she expanded her dance technique towards jazz and hip-hop through workshops and courses. At the age of 23, she began to train her own group with “The Normender" and to compose choreographies for championships and performances. In parallel, she gained dance experience in various dance styles of salsa and bachata. Since 2016 she has been devoting herself to flamenco in her spare time and has also completed one year of intensive further training in the Ana Infanta dance school to expand her skills. Since 2018, she has been teaching freelance Flamenco, Pre Ballett and Ballett and Hip-Hop for children and adults in various dance schools.


Stage experience:

Tournaments and championships

Lufthansa freestyle show hip-hop

MTV European music awards, hip-hop

Gallus Theater, Flamenco


Teaching Experience:

Nordendler hip-hop

Dance school Ana Infanta Ffm, flamenco and hip-hop courses and workshops

Ballet school Kieffer Dreieich, flamenco course

Project week Linnéschule Ffm Hip-hop

Workshop Culture week IGS Nord, flamenco workshop

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