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1. Registration and conclusion of contract

The contractual registration includes the acceptance of the house rules, the conditions of participation and the obligation to pay fees. The terms and conditions to be read here form part of the contract between the customer and Ana Cristina Muñoz Rodríguez. Registration takes place in writing. The submission of the signed contract is binding. The contractual registration of minors requires the consent of the legal representative.


2. Remuneration

The remuneration is payable in cash at the beginning of the month (also during the holiday periods when there are no lessons), by standing order or by bank transfer. According to the general guidelines for private schools, fees are paid 12 times a year (monthly) in advance at the beginning of the month. The first billing month begins with the conclusion of the contract.

If a participant is in default of payment, he must reimburse the costs of 5.00 euros for each reminder letter. Other claims due to the delay remain unaffected. If a legal representative or another third party signs the registration, he personally assumes the obligation to pay the fee. Failure to teach does not release the student from paying the fees unless important reasons, such as an accident (reduction in premium up to three months, possible on presentation of a medical certificate) of the participant justify this. Ana Cristina Muñoz Rodríguez Jones reserves the right to change the monthly contributions. In the event of a price increase, however, the participant has the possibility to terminate the contract within the period specified in Section 3.

3. Termination

The dance contract can be terminated with three months' notice to the end of the month. Termination must be in writing. An exemption from the notice period is excluded. The notice period for additional courses is a month, (also terminable at the end of the month) provided that at least one course is maintained, this also needs to be in writing.

4. Loss of lessons / changes in lessons

If, due to my fault, it is not possible to teach, I will arrange for a replacement or the course fee will be adjusted. I reserve the right to cancel courses due to insufficient number of participants or to change teachers. The participant has no right to catch up from dance lessons to a reduction in the agreed remuneration if he doesn't take lessons. It is only possible to make up for missed lessons in courses other than those booked after consultation with me. Classes do not take place on public holidays in the state of Hesse or during the school holidays in Hesse.

5. Film and photo shoots

Occasionally, films and photos are taken by me or by persons commissioned by me to be used for self-portrayal in public. This also applies to press and media records. Participants are asked to give their consent to the production and use of the recordings before taking the pictures.

6. Liability

No liability is assumed for damage to property or personal injury. The contractor is liable for injuries that occur during normal lessons. No liability is assumed for valuables, wardrobes or other items brought along. Claims for damages are excluded. The legal guardians are liable for minors.


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