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Our school offers dance classes in different dance types and levels for children from 3 years, Adolescents and adults. Our offer includes:

  • Flamenco

  • Classical Ballet for children and teenagers

  • Jazz dance

  • Pre ballet / Children's dance

  • Hip Hop


Dance enthusiasts with mental or physical disabilities of all ages are welcome. 

Our motto is:

Have fun and enjoy dancing! In practice and theory, we therefore attach great importance to educational, structured lessons in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.


Classes include stretching and balance exercises as well as turns. The musicality of each individual is promoted by additional rhythm exercises. Furthermore, we explain and discuss technique, structure of the palos / exercises, e.g. in flamenco, in connection with vocals and guitar.

In order to give  dance vitality, alongside the development of a correct Posture and exact execution of the arm and foot technique - body awareness and refinement of expression, stand in the foreground.


We treat the children like our own. We make the lessons child-friendly and loving and deal with each student individually. We teach young children to dance in a playful way. Children who grow up with us are introduced to dance art step by step and constantly faced new challenges to be mastered over the years.

We want to motivate the students and make sure that "nobody is neglected". That is why we change rows during class. This enables us to address each individual student individually, to correct / commend him.



We not only teach students dance technique, posture, improvisation and dance expression, but above all promote their strength of character. Our goal is to get the most out of every student according to their abilities, to strengthen him as an individual in a holistic way , and to give a lot of self-confidence and security  in dance as well as in their lives.


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